Faucets & Fixtures Services in Mobile, Alabama

All of EZ Flow Plumbing's technicians can install and repair any faucet or fixture pertaining to your plumbing. Got a drippy faucet or one that leaks constantly? Call us and we can have it fixed in little to no time at all. Most common causes to a leaky faucet are the rubber seat and spring, which can be easily replaced.

Did you get a new faucet or bathroom fixture and are not sure how to install it properly? Give us a call and we will come to you and help you install it. We will make sure that all faucets and fixtures are installed properly with no leaks or other problems. We will thoroughly check everything to insure proper usage. You can count on us to make sure all your faucets and fixtures will be running smoothly again and function properly for you.
Newly Installed Faucet — Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Mobile, AL