Sinks & Toilet Repair Services

We offer repair and installation of sinks and toilets. Did you know that the reason most water bills get so high is because of a leaky sink or toilet? Have you ever noticed the water in your toilet constantly moving?

This would be a major leak. This type of leak can easily make your water bill sky rocket. A good way to check for any toilet leaks is too add a drop of food dye in the tank of the toilet and watch the bowl to see if you notice any color. If you do, call us today and we can fix it. This type of leak is easy to repair, but if not done by a professional it can lead to having to replace your toilet or other serious issues.

Sinks are a bit easier to deal with most of the time. They do not use as much water as a leaky toilet, but can still cause your water bill to be higher than normal. Our team of professionals can install and repair sinks, faucets, and any other type of bathroom or kitchen plumbing fixture. We you need us, we are only a call away! Call now to see how much you could be saving on your water bill!
Toilet Sink Installation — Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in Mobile, AL